Evdoxia (Stafylaraki) was born in Chania, Crete island in Greece and she is a self-taught artist with interest in sculpture, installations and performance.

Having focused on abstract math and projective geometry in her studies, she creates sculptures and installations, which act as the threshold between the rigidity of a straight metal line and the ephemeral of its shadow.
It is a representation of situations, processes and emotions which change accordingly to the observer’s viewpoint and more importantly the light source, thus creating different facets of viewing something specific, like what happens with real life events.

These “open rooms” create a condition that envelops us, yet is able to interact with its environment, allowing us to reconsider as observers the very personal. They represent the subtotals of a sum of circumstances, which constitute the life of a person and at the same time question the total. They also allow for the sense of time and the reflection of past and future on something specific, a dimension that always plays a basic role in all of her creations, through symbolic processes and evolutions.

What a socio political event can do to a persons’ psyche, how approaching the infinite shows all the different aspects of the one, how order and chaos, the certain with the indistinct can coexist, are all questions that she tries to explore through mathematical theorems and their abstract application on material forms.