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In the set of the “AGORA” undertow festival that took place in the main public market of Chania City, I created a performance that had communication as its subject, using the scenery of the existing space. The four panels, where the history of the building is described and that were situated in the center of the market, or else in the middle of a meeting, socialization and association place, were used as dividers between the four members of a middle class family, during their lunch time. Through these panels, the plates, spoons and the food were inserted in between them, in order to state their hypothetical non-existence, while the meal was just a traditional Greek souvlaki.

The audience had the instructions to move around the table in circle in order to have the opportunity to isolate and to observe each performer separately as well as, for every viewer, to have the chance to capture a different image of the performance’s evolution, depending on his/her position and his/her personal point of view.

On the other side, the family members found themselves in the middle of a continuous movement, inside a fluid world. The family was shown as a miniature of our society with its exaggerations, its contrasts, its tensions and fears and its untimely efforts for something more substantive…


Panayotis Nikolidakis
Karmela Michailidi
Eftichis Nikiforakis
Evdoxia Stafylaraki

Photography: Spyros Stafylarakis, Oldi Hodo